Forest Fridays at Rowe Elementary School

What is Forest Friday?

Every Friday, our goal is to spend as much time outside in the forest as we can. The forest provides a rich context for exciting, engaging learning in all of our academic areas, and we are excited for our students to be learning outdoors.

Who is involved in Forest Friday?

Presently, the 3/4 class is piloting its own version of Forest Fridays. We hope that the program will eventually spread throughout the school.

Where do we go on Forest Fridays?

We are lucky to be located across from Pelham Lake Park, where the 3/4 class often ventures on Forest Friday. We also work and play in the landscape right around the school!

Why do we have Forest Fridays?

Spending time outdoors is fabulous for kids! We hope that our time in the woods on Fridays will help our students develop, practice, and expand upon a wide variety of skills throughout the year.

How can I learn more?

We document our Forest adventures on our official Forest Friday Blog. You can head to this link and follow our blog via email to read about what we've up to: