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Located in Rowe, Massachusetts, Rowe Elementary School is a Pre-K through 6th grade elementary school that offers exceptional academic, social, and emotional education to children from Rowe and the surrounding towns as students of choice. Rowe School is where children come first!


May 26, 2020 Update - Principal's Corner

This has been a time like none other for the Rowe school. Since the schools were temporarily closed on March 13th, and closed for the remainder of the school the year in mid-April, the students, families, and staff have been adjusting to a new normal in delivering eduction. The first few weeks were about keeping kids connected with their education. Since the beginning of April, however, it’s been about that and more. We have found that it is as much about supporting the families, as anything else. This quarantine has been difficult for all of us, but probably most of all on families with more than one student at home. With this in mind, the Rowe teaching staff has worked hard to craft engaging and developmentally appropriate lessons and activities, much of which the students don’t need to be on a computer to do, especially for the students in the Preschool and Primary Classes.

From live, online Math lessons and reading groups in the 3/4 and 5/6 classes, to videos sent home to families to replicate the structure of the days of the week in Preschool, the entire teaching staff has been active to keep students engaged, active and learning. We realize that not everyone has equal access to the internet and computers, and that having one or more students at home and trying to stay on top of their academics can be a challenging situation for many families, especially if they are not working, working from home, or going to work every day. Teachers and Teaching Assistants have been doing whatever is necessary to support students and families, including exchanging pen-pal letters to keep them writing, working with the students in small online groups to read and discuss books and fables, to meeting with students outside, at safe distances, at student and staff homes to lead instruction. Some sessions take place in the evening to accommodate working families. The building is closed, but school is open, and whether we are at school or not, the staff continues to do whatever it takes to support students and families, adapting their efforts every week as we discover what works, and what doesn’t, in this new “normal”.

The staff will work over the summer to be ready or whatever education looks like in the fall, whatever we are allowed to do in terms of gathering students and staff together for learning. We appreciate the support of the Rowe School Committee, the North Berkshire School Union administration and staff, the folks working in and out of Town Hall, and the Town of Rowe as we navigate these unfamiliar waters. We are expecting to have some sort of recognition ceremony for our graduating 6th graders in June, please stay tuned, it would be great to have the support of the people of Rowe to show them that even though everything is different, the well-wishes are the same for the next part of their journey.

If you have thoughts or questions, please be in touch with your calls and emails. I look forward to hearing from you. Please call 413-446-4949 or email me at wknittle@roweschool.org.

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At Rowe Elementary School...


We trust in a student’s innate desire to learn, given a supportive and stimulating environment.

We view teachers as resources who nurture this desire. In an educationally positive environment, children are challenged optimally to think for themselves, accept responsibility for their learning, and be involved in decision-making. We hope that as a result, the student will become a self-disciplined, self-directed, and creative learner with a positive, realistic self-concept.

Teachers as resources will provide feedback and support, a wide scope of experiences and opportunities, social and emotional strategies for coping, and the tools to become continuous learners.

Ultimately, all educational efforts are directed towards developing a respect for the rights, dignity, and opinions of others, as well as an ability to function effectively and productively in society.


Rowe students will read, and learn to listen, with understanding, developing an appreciation of literature and reading for enjoyment.


Rowe students will develop skills necessary to read and listen with understanding, express themselves clearly and correctly in both speaking and writing, develop competent mathematic skills, an understanding and appreciation of the arts, a basic knowledge of scientific concepts, and skills and attitudes that promote physical health


Rowe students will learn, with support, to make intelligent decisions, assume responsibility and independence, and appreciate people and their cultures, past and present.


Rowe students will learn to respect individual differences and the rights of others