About Rowe School

Rowe Elementary School is a Pre-K through 6th grade elementary school located in Rowe, Massachusetts. In addition to the traditional general and special education services, Rowe students receive instruction in small group settings and are offered Spanish, Physical Education, Art, and Music once a week.

We presently house five classroom groups; a 3-year-old preschool (P1), a 4 and 5-year old Preschool/Kindergarten combination (P2), a first and second-grade combination (P3), and two upper classroom groups: one for third and fourth-grade students and one for fifth and sixth-grade students. The arrangement of grades within a classroom may vary with population shifts.

Our Teaching Philosophy

We trust in a student’s innate desire to learn, given a supportive and stimulating environment.

We view teachers as resources who nurture this desire. In an educationally positive environment, children are challenged optimally to think for themselves, accept responsibility for their learning, and be involved in decision-making. We hope that as a result, the student will become a self-disciplined, self-directed, and creative learner with a positive, realistic self-concept.

Teachers as resources will provide feedback and support, a wide scope of experiences and opportunities, social and emotional strategies for coping, and the tools to become continuous learners.

Ultimately, all educational efforts are directed towards developing a respect for the rights, dignity, and opinions of others, as well as an ability to function effectively and productively in society.

Appreciation of Literature

Rowe students will read, and learn to listen, with understanding, developing an appreciation of literature and reading for enjoyment.

Academic Skills

Rowe students will develop skills necessary to read and listen with understanding, express themselves clearly and correctly in both speaking and writing, develop competent mathematic skills, an understanding and appreciation of the arts, a basic knowledge of scientific concepts, and skills and attitudes that promote physical health

Skills for Life

Rowe students will learn, with support, to make intelligent decisions, assume responsibility and independence, and appreciate people and their cultures, past and present.


Rowe students will learn to respect individual differences and the rights of others

The school day for students starts at 8:30, and pick-up times are 3:15 Monday-Thursday, and 12:30 on Fridays (lunch will be served).

Some general guidelines for drop-off and pick-up:

Please wait for the cars in front of you to leave before you pull out, unless directed by a staff member. If you pull out from behind someone in the circle, and they don't check to their left, it's possible there could be an accident. We understand everyone is trying to get out, to get to work, or to get home, but we are working to make the process as efficient as possible, and in most situations, the wait time will be only a minute or two. We're asking for your patience to keep everyone safe.

Please remember, it is ILLEGAL to pass the bus when the red lights are flashing and the STOP sign is extended from the driver's side. We are working to minimize the amount of time the lights are flashing, which they do when the students are loading. Again, an extra minute or two is worth it for the safety of all.

Some general guidelines for students entering the building::

Students must follow the directions of staff regarding safety, physical distancing, masks, and hand-hygiene.

Students must stay home if sick. (Staff will be following this rule too)

Each day, bring only lunch (if having home lunch), and appropriate clothing and footwear for the day.

Come dressed to be outside, regardless of the weather

Check the Breakfast and Lunch menus on the school website with your student so they're ready to order when they get to school.

Each student should bring a change of clothes in a washable, reusable bag or a single-use plastic bag that will stay in their locker until needed.

Students can arrive after 7:45, and will be supervised by a staff member until school starts at 8:30. Breakfast will be served after 8:30 for those students that want it.