Students and Families

Parent Teacher Partnership

The Rowe Elementary School Parent-Teacher-Partnership exists not as a policy‐making committee, but rather as a support system for the Rowe School family. The support system includes volunteers such as resource parents and other community resources, sponsors for enrichment and school spirit activities and a source of communication and feedback between the staff and parents.

Specific Goals of the Rowe School PTP:

  • Fundraising for at least three enrichment programs each year.

  • Finding each classroom a resource and room parent.

  • Researching areas for enrichment (people and activities) to enhance the curriculum.

  • Taking advantage of programs run by area businesses.

  • Taking part in region‐wide fundraising (e.g. Mary Lyon Foundation).

  • Showing appreciation to staff and students at appropriate times during the year.

  • Involving at least one staff member at all meetings.

  • Offering at least one support workshop for parents per year.

  • Contact Wendy Norcross ( or Molly Lane ( for more information.