The Daily Schedule:

The daily schedule has changed slightly since last year. The schedule for students PreK-6 is Mon.-Thurs. 8:30-3:15 and Fri. 8:30-12:30. There will be no early release Wednesdays, as Mohawk is doing. Drop off and pick up will use the same process as last year, with students able to arrive after 7:45 to be supervised by staff until they enter the school, starting at 8:27.

Morning Routine - (this is new, and this is a big one)

Although the school day starts at 8:30, and students driven to school by families or on the bus will arrive just before 8:30, students can be dropped off after 7:45, and can be on the playground until school starts. Students will be supervised on the playground by staff, and should come to school dressed to stay outside. They do not need to wear a mask on the playground. If the weather is bad, they will spend the time before school in the gym, separated by class and supervised by staff, where they can read or play quiet games, and will have to wear a mask. In either case, they will go to their classroom at 8:30 to begin the day.

Some general guidelines for drop-off and pick-up:

  • Please wait for the cars in front of you to leave before you pull out, unless directed by a staff member. If you pull out from behind someone in the circle, and they don't check to their left, it's possible there could be an accident. We understand everyone is trying to get out, to get to work, or to get home, but we are working to make the process as efficient as possible, and in most situations, the wait time will be only a minute or two. We're asking for your patience to keep everyone safe.

  • Please remember, it is ILLEGAL to pass the bus when the red lights are flashing and the STOP sign is extended from the driver's side. We are working to minimize the amount of time the lights are flashing, which they do when the students are loading. Again, an extra minute or two is worth it for the safety of all.

Some general guidelines for students entering the building::

  • All students must wear a clean mask every day, on the bus and at school, and must sanitize and/or wash hands regularly. All staff will also be wearing masks. Neck gaiters, fleeces, or bandanas are not allowed.

  • Students must follow the directions of staff regarding safety, physical distancing, masks, and hand-hygiene.

  • Students must stay home if sick. (Staff will be following this rule too)

  • Each day, bring appropriate clothing and footwear for the day, and come dressed to be outside, regardless of the weather

  • Check the Breakfast and Lunch menus on the school website with your student so they're ready to order when they get to school.

  • Each student should bring a change of clothes.

  • Plan for students to arrive between 8:250 and 8:27, breakfast will be served in the classroom for those students that want it.