Principal's Corner - 10.19.23

We have been pretty lucky with the weather this fall, and recent days are no exception. Not too cold, partly sunny, and beautiful. The fall has been great for getting outside, which the students (and staff) appreciate. The upcoming colder months will be a little more challenging, but with the proper cold-weather gear, layers, good (wool, if possible) socks, insulated boots, a change of clothes...we will "weather" the cold well.
Our next Community Lunch is Wednesday, October 25. If you're interested in joining us for Chicken Pot Pie, please call or email Laurie by the day before, Tuesday, October 24. We had nine family members (and nine Rowe residents) join us last time, I hope we see more than that next6 week.
The Rowe PTP is organizing Trunk or Treat again this year at the school on Friday, October 27. A flyer went home with last week's newsletter, with information about Trunk or Treat, and the Community PotLuck Dinner immediately following. Check this week's newsletter for what to bring. We haven't had one of those since before COVID, it's always fun, and delicious!
We appreciate everything that is being done to keep us all safe and learning this fall so far. We've had only one case of COVID so far, and there has been an uptick over the last month in Franklin County, so let's stay vigilant. This may get more challenging as the colder weather begins, so please continue the important work you're doing, and ask questions if you have them.
Family Conferences are in less than two weeks, sign up for yours! Conferences for students in grades 3-6 will be student-led, so be looking forward to that.