Good morning, Rowe families. 

The Rowe Police Department responded to the school this morning, and I wanted to let you know why in case you hear that from your student. 
A man came to the school around 8:00, asking to meet with someone, it was not a name anyone recognized. He was confused, and was asked to leave, which he did. He came back into the parking lot twice, so the Rowe Police were called, and spoke with the man away from the school. They have told us it is safe for students to be outside for recess, but the staff is paying close attention. If he returns, the Rowe Police have instructed us to go into lockdown, but nothing else needs to be done at this time. I'm thankful that so many members of the staff (and a few parents) were observant and reported to us that something wasn't right, so we could address it. Thanks, also, to the Rowe Police Department for their quick response.
Please call or email if you have any questions.