Anthony is a WRITER!

Thank you to everyone for helping to make our conferences a success. Some were in-person, some were virtual, many were student-led. No matter how they are structured, I hope they are a valuable tool to help you learn more about your child as a learner, and to help the teachers learn more about your student as a person.

After this last blast of beautiful weather, it's bound to turn colder, so please make sure your student has the appropriate gear to be outside every day. Being warm and comfortable allows students to work outside safely. Hats, gloves or mittens, coats, snow pants, warm socks, and boots are all important.
Now that COVID vaccines are available for students 5 and up, I encourage you to have your students vaccinated for their safety, that of your family, and of the Rowe School community. There is information coming home about where and when you can get your child vaccinated against COVID. There will also be information coming home about a flu vaccine clinic here at the school. If you have questions or concerns, check with your child's medical provider or Mrs. Brisson. The higher the rate of vaccination for all of the children and adults in our school, the quicker we can return to something approaching normal. Getting vaccinated, and adhering to the guidelines from the Rowe Board of Health, give us the best chance to continue in-person learning. By protecting yourself and your family, you are protecting the learning of all the students in the school, the families that support them, and the school staff who are working every day to help the students learn, and keep them safe.
   Now that we've gone through the time change, I found an interesting article about "[How to] help rebuild your kid's sleep routine." Here's a link:

 I hope you find it interesting.