This Wednesday, 11/17, at 10:00 a.m. Rowe School will be participating in a lockdown drill. This drill will be supervised by officers of the State Police and Rowe Police. We (students and staff) are practicing how to remain safe in a situation where it is necessary to secure the school. I'm letting you know so you can discuss it with your student if you choose. We are discussing and practicing with students before the drill on Wednesday so that it's not a surprise to anyone. Our intent is to help students be prepared in the event of an emergency, it's a time for them to practice following the instructions of the adults in the room. While we do our best to lay the groundwork for a calm practice, the presence of police officers in the building can sometimes be upsetting, especially to our younger students. The less surprising it is, the smoother it is likely to go for all.

Please call or email the school f you have any questions.