Good morning, Rowe folx.

It's been an interesting week here at the school. We've had two positive COVID cases over the last week, which has been challenging for staff, families, and for the students. We adjusted our plans accordingly, and kept going with our dual focus on engaging academics and keeping everyone safe. As we break for the holiday, we have had no further cases at the school, which is a hopeful sign. We encourage you to stay vigilant, monitor yourself and other family members for possible signs of or exposure to COVID, vax if you're eligible, and test when you need to. Here's an article from today's New York Times about COVID, rapid testing, and the holidays. As always, if you have questions, Nurse Lydia is a great resource. We're looking forward to students coming back next week, and will be keeping the classes separate inside and outside the school for the time being.
And as the holiday gift-giving season kicks into gear, many students may be asking for a phone, tablet, or other device. This video, also from today's Times, highlights some of the hazards the internet holds for children. There are some adult images in the video, so I recommend viewing it without children first. 
Enjoy the time off, I'm thankful that you trust us to educate your child.