Kids masks

Good afternoon, Rowe families.

Today was our first day back from the Thanksgiving holiday, and so far no new COVID cases. Please continue to monitor your students and yourselves for possible symptoms, and act accordingly. Let's keep learning in person! 

The new COVID variant that is being reported, Omicron, is important to keep in mind, but right now shouldn't change what we have been doing to keep everyone safe. Katelyn Jetelina, an epidemiologist, made these points in her Substack newsletter this weekend:

  • Do not take Omicron lightly, but don’t abandon hope either. Our immune systems are incredible.

  • None of this changes what you can do right now: Ventilate spaces. Use masks. Test if you have symptoms. Isolate if positive. Get vaccinated. Get boosted. 

As always, let Nurse Lydia know if you have questions, and take care.