Thank you. 
Thank you to the families and staff that followed reasonable guidelines over the Thanksgiving weekend (and in general) to help keep us learning in-person. The availability of vaccines for students 5 and above is great news, and we will continue wearing masks, and following protocols recommended by the Rowe Board of Health. It's easy to get tired and let down our guard, but please stick to the guidelines, especially through the upcoming holidays, and we'll get through this latest phase together.
   Check your email today, there is a letter from Nurse Lydia and me about this most recent situation.
   Many amazing things are happening inside and outside of the school, and many of them are posted on the Rowe School Community Facebook page. If you're not a member, search for the page on Facebook and ask to be accepted, you'll be glad you did! And have you downloaded the North Berkshire School Union App, and chosen Rowe as "My School" yet? What are you waiting for?