Fingers Crossed

The good news: After the last two isolated cases, we have had no further cases in the school, which indicates COVID is not spreading in the school, and that the test-and-stay protocol, and the guidelines for returning to school, are having the hoped-for effect of keeping our community safe. I know it's not easy, but it's working, so let's keep it up.    Hanukkah was last week, and Christmas and New Year's will be here soon. As hard as it was to follow the guidelines over Thanksgiving, it will be even harder over the coming weeks, but those are the best tools we have. Next week is a full week of school, and then we have a 12:30 release on Thursday, December 23 to start the holiday break.

The bad news: we have decided we will not be doing a Rowe School ski program this year. Check your email for a more detailed explanation, but we feel it doesn't make sense, given how hard everyone is working inside at school and at home to keep COVID out of our community, to put students, staff, and chaperones in a situation where exposure is much more likely. Please call or email if you have any questions.