Short week

Next week is a short one, full days Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with a 12:30 release on Thursday (lunch is served), then we're off until Monday, January 3rd. The lunch menu is changing Monday and Tuesday: Monday will be Ravioli, Tuesday will be Breakfast for Lunch. Wednesday and Thursday will stay the same.

What we've been able to accomplish by keeping the kids learning in-person I believe is the best thing for our students, and the effort on the part of the staff, families, and students to help make that happen continues to be extraordinary. We have had only a few isolated cases of COVID in the school, cases have not spread within the school so far, symptomatic students and staff are following protocols by staying home and getting tested, and we are mitigating the potential spread of COVID by following safety guidelines. I know I start to sound like a bit of a broken record, but adhering to the guidelines, as hard as it will be over the coming two weeks, is the best thing we can do to keep in-person learning happening, and keep our families, and others families, healthy. As more of our community members (especially the younger ones) get vaccinated, and as we continue to follow the COVID guidelines, we continue to keep everyone safe and learning.

If you have any questions about the guidelines, please contact Nurse Lydia or me. Enjoy the weekend!