It's been great to see everyone this week, the kids are excited to be back, and the staff has jumped right back into making the students feel safe and getting them engaged with their learning again. I appreciate everyone working together to keep us learning in-person, the efforts of students, staff, and families are making it possible. As of Thursday morning, the COVID case we informed you of yesterday remains an isolated case, with no further exposure within the school.

Now that there's winter, in the forecast, it's more important than ever that students come with the layers of clothing they need to be comfortable outside. We have some extra pieces if a student forgets something one day, but we're depending on them coming from home prepared for the cold. If you have questions, contact your student's teachers.

I found an interesting article from the National Alliance on Mental Illness entitled "School During The Pandemic: Mental Health Impacts and Support For Students and Families", which you might find helpful. Here's the link: Have a good week.