Covid Cases Franklin County

   Although all weeks at Rowe School are interesting, this has been an unusual couple of weeks since we got back from vacation. A snow day, a holiday last week...students won't know what a full week of school is anymore. Next week should be back to a regular schedule. Speaking of the snow days, when we decide to cancel school, or have a two-hour delay, notice is sent out by phone and email, through the NBSU/Rowe School app, on the school's Facebook page, as well as on WWLP (Channel 22), WGGB (Channel 40), and WHAI and WIZZ radio stations. If you DON'T receive both a phone call and email from us in a situation like this, please let us know so we can update our lists.

   Signs are pointing to a cresting of the Omicron wave, cases in Franklin County seem to be edging down slightly, which is good news. From everything I read, getting vaxed and boosted is still the best way to protect adults and children from the worst effects of COVID. It's important now, and will be even after the cases do taper off, to continue to be vigilant with following the protocols from the Board Of Health about masks, testing, and quarantining to keep everyone in the Rowe School community, students and their loved ones, safe. I know it can be tiring, but don't let up now.
   I found an interesting article recently in the New York Times about the state of the pandemic, and the continued need for vigilance. Here's a quote: "As we’ve seen with Delta and previous surges, it comes in these peaks and waves, where one part of the U.S. gets hit and another part gets hit afterward,” said Syra Madad, an infectious-disease epidemiologist in New York City. “We are going to see that with Omicron. Even with a decline, it comes with a very long tail.” Here's a link to the full article.