As you're probably aware, Governor Baker is lifting the mask mandate for schools on February 28, making it a local decision whether students and staff continue to wear masks in school. While I appreciate his allowing local authorities the flexibility to make that decision, I think the timing is ill-advised, as we are just coming back from vacation that day. However, the Governor didn't ask my opinion, and we are working closely with, and following the direction of, the Rowe Board of Health when it comes to masking inside or outside the school. I know they will be considering it at an upcoming meeting, and they will make the best decision for student and staff safety as they have throughout the last two years. We will abide by whatever decision they make. I'll be sure to keep everyone informed.

We have one more week to go before vacation, so let's keep doing what has been working to keep everyone safe. This week has been busy at the school and next week promises more of the same. Our new friend Aemelia from The Hitchcock Center took P1 and P2 out exploring nature, 5/6 took a hike, and the warmer weather has made it possible for all of us to be outside more. Next week has quite a range of temperatures, from a low of 2 to a high of 50, so send your student to school prepared for any kind of weather.
If you're interested in helping with the PTP's plans to bring food in for staff from time to time (it must be food prepared in a professional, inspected kitchen due to COVID), please contact Wendy Norcross, Molly Lane, or anyone else in the PTP, and thank you in advance.