I hope the coming vacation is as relaxing and rejuvenating as you want it to be. It looks there will be some rain, and reasonable temperatures (not much in the single digits), so it should be a good time to enjoy the chilly outside or cozy inside with the family.

   As we head into this week of vacation, please keep the COVID guidelines in mind. If you feel symptomatic or are exposed to someone with COVID, get tested. I encourage you to continue to mask where appropriate, even as the mandate is lifted, because it has prevented spread within the school. If we keep following the guidelines in both of these areas, that will help keep us learning together. Everyone, students, staff, and families, has been working hard this school year, it's not the time to let up now. If you have questions, please call us.

   We are following the direction of the Rowe Board of Health, and I know they will make the best decision for student and staff safety as they have throughout the last two years.
   Thank you for all of your support this year, it does take a village.