It was great to see everyone after vacation, I think some students grew an inch or more in just a week. As the weather warms (if it ever really snowed in Rowe today!) we'll be getting the kids outside more.

There's a little over six more weeks of school as of today (the last day of school is Monday, June 13, Graduation is Friday, June 10), and it's hard to believe that this whirlwind year is almost over. Some of the traditional events like graduation and field day are still happening, some are not (the Washington D.C. trip), and others are happening in a non-traditional manner. We'll have a full schedule of what's happening over the last few weeks of school to you by mid-May. 

   We are right in the middle of this year's MCAS testing schedule, Math is next week, and Science (for Grade 5 only) is the week after. Invitations for Summer School will be sent home with students next week. Students are invited to Summer School if it is required in their IEP or if the teachers feel that they would benefit from some added instruction over the summer, in a less structured environment. You will receive an email letting you know your student was invited, and a reminder to look in their backpack for a paper copy of the invitation and permission slip.

   I apologize for not letting families know that there would be a police presence at the school Wednesday morning. They were at the school this morning to assure that yesterday's silent protest regarding masks planned by a Rowe School parent was peaceful and didn't impede any vehicles from entering or exiting the school, which it was, and it didn't. I will make sure everyone is made aware in the future.