This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, which at Rowe School means it's Staff Appreciation Week. That's because without everyone who works at the Rowe School, the teachers could not do the amazing work they do with students. Thanks to the PTP for all they do to show the staff how appreciated they are.

   Next week promises to be a busy one at the school. We finish our MCAS testing with Grade 5 taking the Science and Technology test. Please have your student rested and ready to take the test, please do your best, as we will as well, to lower students' stress about it. It's just another test, the difference is it's on the computer. Let me know if you have any questions. We'll also be getting students outside to their Outdoor Classroom, down to the beach at Pelham Lake Park, or walking the trails investigating nature. And, oh yeah, we'll be teaching students reading, writing, math, etc. when we're not doing something else exciting.  We heard from the Board of Health that classes can mix inside the building, as long as we're all masked, and that's a huge and welcome change. Kids are excited to see their friends in other classes. Despite a couple of positive cases this week, we're able to keep learning in-person thanks to the guidelines provided by the Board of Health.
   The School Committee will hold its May meeting tonight, Thursday, May 5 at 4:00 p.m. And Rowe Town Meeting is Monday, May 9 at 6:00 at the Fire Station.
   We will be sending invitations out to students we have identified that would benefit from added instruction during Summer School. Please send the letter back in, indicating whether or not your student will be attending Summer School this year, and talk with your student's teacher if you have any questions.