Good morning, Rowe families. The school was broken into sometime over the holiday break. It was discovered this morning, and we’ve been working with the Rowe Police and State Police to make sure the building is secure. We have been assured it is safe to have school today. This appears to be part of a pattern of school break-ins in the southern Vermont and western Mass. area in which schools are entered when they are empty during the nights or weekends. There will be a Police presence at the school this morning as it is part of an ongoing investigation. Please call us if you have any questions.
4 days ago, Rowe News
Good Morning, Rowe families. Due to the weather, Rowe School is canceled today, Wednesday, November 22. Please stay safe, enjoy the holiday and the long weekend, and we'll see you all Monday. The Rowe PTP is selling pies at Moonlight Magic in Shelburne Falls on Friday, join them if you can.
9 days ago, Rowe News
This is a message for Bus Families: the bus is running 10-15 minutes late this afternoon. We wanted you to know so you wouldn't be worried. Call 413-512-5101 if you have a question.
11 days ago, Rowe News
A few reminders: 1. NBSU Family Night in Clarksburg is tomorrow, hope you can make it - details attached. 2. Our pre-Thanksgiving Community Lunch (turkey and all the fixings, plus vegetarian options) is also tomorrow at noon, please call or email the school by today if you plan to attend. Our regular monthly Community Lunch (meatloaf!) is still happening the last Wednesday of the month, 11/29. 3. The deadline to sign your student up for Friday's Baking after-school activity is tomorrow. Happy National Pickle Day! Bill
17 days ago, Rowe News
Family Night
Good morning, Rowe folks! The main roads are in pretty good shape (thanks, Highway Department!), but please be safe on the way to and from school!
22 days ago, Rowe News
Good afternoon, Rowe families. We were notified at 2:30 today that Mohawk was put on alert following an incident over the border in southern, VT. Mohawk officials were notified of the incident around 1 p.m. and were informed that the incident had no relevance or connection to their districts. After consulting with the local police they are following normal dismissal and after-school activity schedules. I spoke with the Rowe and State Police, and was assured that there was "no threat to the surrounding area". Our dismissal and after-school activity will proceed as usual. Please get in touch if you have any questions.
23 days ago, Rowe News
This is a test of our notification system. We are sending out a test call, email, text, and notification (to the NBSU app and the Rowe School Community Facebook Page) on Friday, 11/3 at 10:15 a.m If you DON'T receive a notification, through any of the channels, please let Laurie or me know and we'll figure out why. Bill
28 days ago, Rowe News
Good afternoon, Rowe families. Due to a road closure in Rowe, the afternoon bus will have to detour, so will be five minutes later than it usually is this afternoon. Please call the school if you have any questions.
6 months ago, Rowe News
Good afternoon, Rowe families. This message is in two parts. The first part is for everyone, and the second is just for families of students in fifth and sixth grade. First, next Wednesday, May 10, is the return of the Spaghetti Supper, the big fund-raiser for the 5/6 class trip. It starts at 5:30 and ends at 7:00, and you can eat in or take out. Please come, bring everyone you can, the food is delicious, and it helps the 5/6 class in a big way. Hope you can make it. Second, just a reminder there is a meeting tomorrow, May 5, at 2:30 for the families and students that are going on the 5/6 trip to Kroka Expeditions in June. A Google Meet link went out in an email yesterday, and people are welcome to either join online or come to the school if that’s easier. Call the school if you have any questions.
7 months ago, Rowe News
This message is for bus families whose students are dropped off at either Shun Pike or the Park & Ride. The bus is running about 25 minutes behind schedule. I apologize for the inconvenience, and for the late notice. Please call me at 413-446-4949 if you have any questions.
8 months ago, Rowe News
Hello, Rowe families. Based on the responses to the baseball survey, we may have enough players for two, possibly three, teams. We need sign-up forms for the students who want to play to take to a coaches' meeting on Saturday to determine what the make-up of the teams will be. We are sending the form by email, home with your student, and will post one on Facebook. Fill out one form for each student who wants to play (don't send any money) and send it back tomorrow (Friday) to the school. If it's easier to scan it and email it, send it to Kerri McLatchy at We'll know what our teams will look like next week, and we'll be back in touch. Thanks for your help.
8 months ago, Rowe News
Good afternoon, Rowe families. Bus and internet issues have been resolved, and Rowe School will be open regular Friday hours tomorrow, March 17, even if Mohawk is still closed. It's the luck of the Rowe-ish, or something like that.
9 months ago, Rowe News
Good evening, Rowe friends. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Due to several impassable roads and no internet at the school as of 5:45 p.m. Wednesday (no internet=no phones, which means no school), there will be no school in Rowe tomorrow, Thursday, March 16. I'll be in touch as soon as I know about Friday. I was at the school today, and thanks to P1 parents Matt Stine and Kevin Balawick for helping to clear the sidewalks and entryways. Thanks, also, to Tom Danek who plows and sands our parking lot for the Town.
9 months ago, Rowe News
To give the town time to clear the snow, Rowe School is canceled tomorrow, Wednesday, March 15. It’s nasty in Buckland, but I hear it’s even worse up the mountain. Please take care, and we’ll see you Thursday.
9 months ago, Bill Knittle
Good afternoon, Rowe friends. With 23" of snow in the forecast for Rowe, this was not a hard decision to make. Rowe School is canceled tomorrow, Tuesday, March 14. Be safe, post your snow day pictures to the Rowe School Community Facebook Page, and we'll (hopefully) see you on Wednesday. If there is a delay Wednesday, we'll let you know as soon as possible.
9 months ago, Rowe News
Due to the freezing rain in the forecast, Rowe School will have a two-hour delay tomorrow, Thursday, March 2. School will start at 10:30, the bus route will be delayed by two hours, breakfast will not be served, and students are able to be dropped off at the school after 9:45. Please be safe, and let me know if you have any questions. If a cancellation is called for, that information will be sent as soon as possible.
9 months ago, Rowe News
We're trying to gauge interest in having teams from Rowe School play teams from other towns/schools this Spring. We already have two families that are willing to start the organizing process. If you could reply to this short survey this week, we'll have a better idea of what is possible. Here's the survey: Let's make baseball happen again in Rowe! There are four age groups of teams possible: T-Ball - PreK and K (ages 4-6) Rookie - 1st and 2nd grades (ages 7-8) Minor - 3rd and 4th grades (ages 9-10) Major - 5th and 6th grades(ages 11-12) Please call or email if you have any questions.
9 months ago, Rowe News
Good afternoon, Rowe families. We are shifting our morning schedule a little bit. After February vacation, our students will eat breakfast and lunch together in the gym (breakfast will be in the gym Monday through Friday, and lunch will be in the gym every day but Wednesday due to PE). We're doing this for two reasons. We want to continue building positive community by having our students from different classes spend more time together and socialize. This change will also allow us to start our academic day a little earlier, making more time for math in the mornings, an area of growth we’ve identified for our students. Here’s how our mornings will look: -Students can still be brought to the school anytime after 7:45 am -Students who ride the bus from the Park and Ride and Shun Pike (and King’s Highway) will be picked up at the regular time and dropped at the school at approximately 8:00 am -Students in Rowe (except for King’s Highway) will be picked up between 5 and 7 minutes earlier than they are on the current schedule. -The remaining bus students will be dropped off at the school between 8:20 and 8:25 and will have time to eat breakfast if desired. -Students that are at the school will come inside at 8:15. They will go directly to the gym (P2 and P3) or to their lockers and then to the gym (3/4 and 5/6) for breakfast. -If you are dropping your student off at school, and want them to have breakfast, please have them at the school by 8:15. -If you are dropping your student at the school, and you DO NOT want them to have breakfast, they can arrive anytime up to 8:25. Students will be marked tardy if they arrive at school after 8:30. Please do your best to have your students at school on time, when they come in late, it disrupts not only the start of their school day, but that of the rest of their class which can have a cascading effect throughout the day. We all know that it's unavoidable sometimes, and your help in getting them to school on time is appreciated. Please let us know if you have any questions, and thanks for working with us to support the students. Bill
10 months ago, Rowe News
Be careful on the way in, there's a little snow on the roads up here.
10 months ago, Bill Knittle
Good morning, Despite the encroaching cold, we will be going with our regular Friday 12:30 release schedule today. There won't be any outdoor activities, but we will be able to get everyone to and from school safely. Please stay safe and warm. Bill
10 months ago, Rowe News